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Wandering Minstrel

Dante Ferrara is a unique performer and entertainer – an Elizabethan minstrel who travels extensively throughout the UK performing for weddings, corporate events and festivals, dressed in stunning costumes, typical of a court musician of the 1580’s. A professional since 1984, Dante Ferrara is now established in countless historical venues as a unique soloist, offering a prestigious package to make your event truly memorable.

Strolls … in stunning 16th century costume

Sings … romantic and bawdy songs in a variety of languages

Plays … a dazzling array of beautiful period instruments

Covers … all types of Elizabethan entertainment as a soloist or

with a package of diverse performers.

The Things they said:- 

“Bloody ‘ell, you really can play that thing!” … Bill Wyman

“Brilliant!” …

“Exciting” …
HRH Prince Andrew

“I really like your music” … Meatloaf

“Could you sing another
(Bawdy Ballad)?” 
The Duchess of York

“ Good Afternoon” …
HRH Prince Edward

Elizabethan Minstrel

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