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The Famous Potatoes

The Famous Potatoes have been performing for 20 years. In this time they have played at nearly 800 barn dances, and have also performed at over 400 other events.

Appearances range from the Lord Mayor’s Show to busking. They have played at many major venues including the 100 Club in Oxford Street, London, Colston Hall, Bristol, St George’s Hall, Bradford, the Greenbelt Festival for 14 years and other festival appearances include the Trowbridge Village Pump Folk Festival and the Skjaegardsgospel (Seaside Gospel Festival) in Norway. The Famous Potatoes have appeared five times on national TV, including Jim Davidson’s Generation Game in November ’99. They have also appeared many times on local radio, and one of their recordings, “Famous Potatoes”, has been used as a feature on several occasions by Simon Mayo on his Radio 1 show. They have performed in Scotland, Wales, the Republic of Ireland and the Netherlands as well as England and Norway. However, they are equally at home playing for local shows and barn dances, which make up most of their bookings.
           Barn Dance Band

The Famous Potatoes are:-  Keith Baxter (barn dance caller, trombone, mandolin, banjo and percussion)  Richard Baxter (melodeon, lead vocals, saxophone and mouth organ)  Nigel Blackaby (bass guitar/double bass and vocals)  Paul Collier (drums and vocals)  Melanie Derbyshire (recorder, percussion, vocals and barn dance caller)  Tony Littman (guitar and vocals)  “Prof” Paul McDowell (accordion, piano and vocals)  Charlie Skelton (fiddle).


The Famous Potatoes describe their sound as “Soil Music”, because of it’s earthy roots - made up of western swing, bluegrass, country, gospel, folk, cajun and who knows what all else! They appear in the Guinness Who’s Who of Folk Music (and its recently-updated parent edition, the multi-volume Directory of Popular Music: check your local library), and get a brief mention in the 2nd edition (1998) of the Penguin Encyclopaedia of Popular Music.

“One of Britain’s best barn dance bands” - Andy Kershaw.

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