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Gospel Choir - Citizen K

A Choir with new fresh
approach to Gospel Music!

Bringing the uplifting sound of Gospel on to the street for all to experience.

The name 'Citizen K' came out of the desire to express themselves as free spirits, free thinkers,Gospel Choir independent, individuals who are nonconformist to the gospel tradition.

Citizen K takes influences from artists such as Aretha Franklin, Al Green and similar artists, adding big beats and funky keyboard to create a sound, that put simply, is 'goose bump inducing' vocal harmonies, combined with energy infused performances of pure emotional escapism.
This gospel choirs strength is due to the talent, commitment and enthusiasm of it's singers, which is supported by it's founder, who is forward thinking and radical. Citizen K places a great deal of importance on achieving high standards. So singers are screened, motivated, styled and choreographed where necessary.

Gospel Weddings.
Citizen K Gospel Choir will perform at your wedding, performing religious and / or non religious songs of your choice in church or your civil ceremony and / or reception ..... doing it your way!
You may choose to have the gospel choir perform at the ceremony or throughout the special day, in a formal or in formal manor. The number of vocalists can vary on your requirements, budget and size of venue.

Corporate Events.
Citizen K has a new way of looking at gospel music which provides an uplifting effect on the atmosphere your event. They are suited to many styles of event, such as Award Ceremonies, Weddings, Business Dinners, Fashion Shows, Christmas Parties, Festivals, Musical Soirees, House Parties, Launch Parties, etc.

Dare To Be Different!
Citizen K will have your guests singing and dancing in the aisles, creating an electric atmosphere which you and your guests will remember for years to come. The uplifting feel of the gospel sound is no longer restricted to religious events, it's now there for everyone to enjoy. So give your event the Citizen K treatment and watch your guests come alive! 

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