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For centuries, the magic of the pipes has been thought of as something very special. Interwoven with national folklore, the spiritual encouragement in battle to the celebrating of an important event, the skirl of the pipes adds an unique aspect that cannot be equaled.

Piper, Bob Ash, now an experienced musician, was fortunate to have been taught by the very best of piping tutors and carries on the skills and traditions handed down to him.

As a teenager, he served as a piper in a Territorial Army unit, was a founder member of the Blue Bonnets (City of London) Pipe Band, a piper with British Caledonian Airways Pipes & Drums, and is now playing and instructing with The Surrey Pipe Band, and teaching pipes at the Gordons School, near Chobham, Surrey.

Able to turn out in any level of Highland Wear, from day and evening wear to full highland dress uniform: tartans include Royal Stewart, Ancient Caledonian, Red and Hunting Robertson.

Bob has performed several times on TV, including the hit single “I have a Dream” on Top of the Pops, and has performed around the world including North and South America, Africa, the Middle East, Europe and South East Asia.

His services can be tailored precisely to your requirements and can include a selection of varied musical preferences.

Service ‘A’ Ceremony only

He is at your disposal from the time your guests are arriving for the ceremony until the party departs for the reception. He can play welcoming music as the guests arrive, enhance the arrival of the Bridge, lead the Bride and escort up the aisle, play during the signing of the register, play the Bride and Groom down the aisle and outside the church, and for a suitable time during the photographs.

Service ‘B’ Reception only

He is at your disposal from the time the wedding party arrives at the reception. He can play welcoming music as the guests arrive, and enhance the arrival of the Bride and Groom, play for a suitable period during the reception drinks, pipe the guests into the dining room and finish in style, piping the Bride and Groom into the Wedding Breakfast.

Service ‘C’ Ceremony and Reception

This combines Services ‘A’ and ‘B’.

Service ‘D’ Ceremony and Reception - enhanced.

This is the deluxe service, which puts the piper at your disposal through the day and evening. In addition to Service ‘C’, the piper can play for a suitable period during the meal (generally outside the room so everyone can converse!), can play to announce speeches and the cutting of the cake, play all the guests from the dining room into the evening function area, play to signal the serving of the evening buffet, can offer supplementary entertainment to guest during the interval of the disco/live band, pipe the Bride and Groom from the reception.

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