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Acoustic Jass are a 4 piece jazz band based in Hampshire, UK, playing a mixture of well known jazz, blues, ballads & popular tunes, of the early 20th century in the traditional New Orleans jazz style.

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Acoustic Jass comprise Trumpet, Clarinet, Banjo & Sousaphone (we can add Trombone & Drums). All the instruments are acoustic and not dependent on electricity this makes them very versatile and they can perform as "wandering minstrels"

Acoustic Jass has played at wedding celebrations outside the church, in hotels, village halls, marquee's and stately homes. One of this band's advantages is that they don't need a lot of space, they are mobile and pay attention to the clients requests on the volume level.

A typical wedding day could include the band strolling around playing gentle music while the guests are arriving or the photos are being taken, then moving to the dance floor to play music for dancing at whatever tempo the guests want. Sometimes they've led the procession of wedding guests from the ceremony to the reception.

Acoustic Jass tailor the repertoire according to the happy couples wishes. If you want background music during the wedding breakfast or exciting foot tapping dancing music they can provide it.

If you are organising a:~

~ corporate reception for your important clients
~ new product launch
~ company party for your staff
~ special event
~ shop opening

Acoustic Jass has played for:-

         corporate receptions for Firbank Kempster Integrated Communications Partnership Ltd.

         family fun day for Ericsson

         water sports activity day for Lotus (software not cars!)

         opening a post office in an Alldays store.

         at B&Q superstore openings.

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