Silhouette Cutting

For All Types Of Event

Astounding likenesses cut out with scissors under 90 seconds!

For the un-initiated, silhouette cutting is an extraordinary miracle of hand-eye co-ordination that most people simply donąt believe is possible. The silhouettist chooses a subject, takes a pair of scissors, some black paper, and cuts them out! from any angle and at any size. It takes about 90 seconds (if that) and yes, it does look like them!

Those chosen (whether willing volunteers or press ganged by their friends) will
receive a beautifully crafted cameo portrait of themselves, cut from black paper and
professionally mounted onto a printed card. Such cards, incidentally, may be printed
with a company logo....

Charles Burns has a deserved reputation as the finest silhouette artist working in the country today. He provides an eye catching and remarkably different kind of entertainment; whether working as mix ‘n’ mingle or around the tables.

The art of simple black portraits from paper has a long and
interesting history in England, but is rarely heard of today. Booking a silhouette artist to entertain your guests will add a unique, artistic touch to your special day. Weddings do, in fact, offer a great challenge for our artists. With a wonderful array of hats, and family profiles to compare, there is never a
dull moment!


Cutting full length silhouettes of the bride and groom has become something of a tradition when Charles attends a wedding.
This classic and unmistakable outline makes a
wonderful alternative wedding photo,
and are definitely among his favourite subjects.

Charles was featured in the BBC2 series
"Tales of Tools" (in the episode about scissors!),
and today has a busy schedule bringing his art
to an extraordinary variety of events all over
the UK and abroad.


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