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The Toastmaster’s duty is to ensure that the Reception proceeds smoothly and in the agreed manner. This enables the catering staff to concentrate on their role and ensures that the Hostess and Host can relax themselves, as the Mother and Father of the Bride should, for after all it is a big day for them as well!

At the Reception, the Best man is burdened with many of these responsibilities, affording him little time to relax and enjoy the festivities.

These may, however, be left in the hands of a professional Toastmaster, who will ensure that everything happens as you have planned.

The Toastmaster supports the Bride and Bridegroom, the Bridesmaids, the Best Man, the parents and the caterers, all of whom want to give their best performances.

The Toastmaster, dressed in his red tail-coat uniform, using his experience and professional manner, will ensure that your plans are carried out. He will create a friendly atmosphere which is as formal or informal as you wish, reassure the nervous, and with his extra touch of colour and sparkle, make the occasion even more special for everyone, particularly the bridal pair.

“When so much care has been taken in planning the Reception, it is wise to engage a Toastmaster to ensure that it proceeds as planned”.

The Toastmaster expects to undertake at least the following duties:-

Advise on Wedding Etiquette and Customs during the Planning

Assist the speakers with the preparation and rehearsal of their speeches

greet the Bride and Bridegroom on arrival at the Reception Venue.

Inform the guests of the reception details and ensure any special arrangements for elderly, infirm or disabled guest are in place.

organise the receiving-line, announce guests and co-ordinate the acceptance of wedding gifts.

assist with photographs, if required.

call guests’ attention to the seating arrangements and to take their places at the tables for the start of the Wedding Breakfast.

announce the Bride and Bridegroom and escort them to their table.

announce or say Grace, if required.

make any specific announcements, as requested, eg. no smoking.

conduct the toasts and announce the speakers.

organise the circulation of the guest book, if required.

announce the cutting of the wedding cake.

introduce the speakers for the customary Toasts and Responses.

handle bouquets and presents, as required.

read cards or other messages, if required.

arrange the retiring of the Bride and Bridegroom from the table.

advise guests of subsequent arrangements.

liaise with the band or disco as to the setting up of the equipment.

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